• Minelab CTX-3030 Standard

Minelab CTX-3030 Standard Detector - with Wireless Headphones
with 11" Waterproof DD Smart Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Accessories *2016 Updated Version with Updated Battery Sand Seal & New Armrest Lock

Finding treasures on land and in the water with Minelab’s CTX-3030 metal detector is an amazing adventure everyone from beginners to experienced old pro’s can enjoy. The CTX-3030 is Minelab’s most advanced high performance treasure detector that can, and will find you more lost and hidden treasure than most other metal detectors. Have the time of your life finding Gold and silver coins, Gold jewelry, rings of gold, platinum, silver, many with valuable diamonds, emerald, rubies and more, all the while discriminating and eliminating unwanted junk and trash targets. You can even find old valuable relics and artifacts with the 3030.

The CTX-3030 All Terrain metal detector will locate valuable metal objects in all soil types even a variety of mineralized ground conditions where other detectors function poorly or not at all, including extremely salty sea water, wet beach sand and highly magnetic ground where gold is found. Versatile features allow you to easily customize your CTX-3030 for your specific requirements. Best Of All - It’s Easy To Use! With ’Turn on and go’ simplicity, five preset Search Modes and many Automatic Functions make it easy for the beginner to get started. Advanced features are easily accessible at the touch of a button for the experienced treasure hunter. If you use any hand held cell phone, you can use one of the best metal detectors for land, beach or in the water.


  • Warranty : 3 Year Limited
  • Frequency : 1.5 kHz - 100 kHz
  • Total Weight : 5.20 lbs (2.36 kgs)
  • Waterproof : Up to 10 Feet of Water
  • Integrated GPS PC Mapping : See Where you Have Been and Where you are Going (Not Mac Compatible)
  • Full Color Display : Full Color LCD Clearly Displays More Target Information than Ever Before
  • Multi-Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish
  • Wireless UR-30 Headphones : Provide you with the Ability to Hear Faint / Deep Treasure with Crisp Clear Sound
  • New Armrest Lock : The ‘Turn’ Mechanism that Could Become Loose After Repeated Use has Been Replaced with a ‘Push’ Mechanism for Increased Reliability and Ease of Adjusting
  • New Updated Battery Sand Seal : The Battery Now has a Fitted Sand Seal that Minimizes the Ingress of Sand that Could Potentially Comprise the Internal ‘O’-Ring Waterproofing Rubber Seal
Factory Included Accessories:
  • USB Cable
  • 11" Coil Cover
  • Coil Hardware
  • X-Change 2 CD
  • Arm Rest Strap
  • Extra Battery Pack
  • Auto (Car) Charger
  • Battery Charging Station
  • Universal AC Wall Adapter
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Wireless Headphone Module
  • 11" Waterproof DD Smart Coil
  • Removable Headphone Module
  • Easy-To-Use Getting Started Guide
  • UR-30 Headphones (Use Standard or Wireless)

Producto CTX 3030
Aplicación Coin, Relic, Jewellery & Beach
Tecnología FBS 2, Smartfind 2, GPSi, Wi-Stream
Frecuencia/Transmisión Multiple frequencies: 1.5 - 100kHz
Plato (estándar) 11-inch waterproof Double-D smart coil
Salida de Audio Built-in speaker, standard ¼-inch non-waterproof socket, custom waterproof socket (Minelab accessory headphones only)
Auriculares Provistos KOSS UR30 (100 ohm) supplied with detector (non-waterproof )
Visualizador Full colour LCD with backlight and adjustable brightness (1–10)
Luz de fondo Yes
Conectividad USB XChange 2 (via USB) compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7
Memoria Settings saved automatically while detecting and remain until changed or reset
Indicación de Profundidad Accurate gauge active in normal detecting and Pinpoint mode
Modalidades de detección 10 fully customisable, including 5 preset (Coins, Beach, Relic, Silver & High Trash)
Discriminación Smartfind 2TM 2 dimensional colour discrimination: Ferrous 35, Conductivity 50 - 20 fully customisable discrimination patterns (2 per Search Mode)
Sincronizaciones -
Tono de Audio Customisable Tone ID Profiles - 1, 2 ferrous (Fe), 2 conductive (Co), 4 Fe, 4 Co, 35 Fe, 50 Co or Combined
Tipo de Audio Normal, Long, Smooth & Pitch Hold
Balance según tipo de terreno Auto Compensation and Auto Ground Balance
Tipo de balance según terreno -
Densidad de basura -
Localización precisa (Pinpoint) Non-motion with modulated audio and visual crosshair on LCD, 2 modes: normal and sizing
Ajuste de Sensibilidad Auto and Manual (1–30)
Sintonizar / Cancelación de ruido Manual & Automatic (11 channels)
Umbral Level adjustment (1–50), Pitch adjustment (1–30)
Ajuste volumen del objetivo Limit & Gain (1 to 30)
Batería Li-ion pack with fast charger. 12 V car adapter supplied with Standard Pack only
Alerta de Batería baja Audio & visual indication.
Longitud Min 37 in. (940 mm) – Max 55.3 in. (1405 mm)
Peso 5.20 lbs (2.36 kgs) including Li-ion battery pack
Garantía 3 years control box & coil


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Minelab CTX-3030 Standard

  • Brand: Minelab
  • Product Code: CTX3030 standard
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